Fully automatic hydraulic press for high volume extraction

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Which will allow customers to shop for edible oil with self belief, btma enterprise recommends the choice of automatic hydraulic press, so that customers can definitely see the whole manufacturing manner of safe to eat oil, and clients also can reap brilliant suitable for eating oil.

Automatic new screw oil press

The fully automatic new screw oil press device is easy to function, and the oil squeezed out could be very sensitive and clean. it does not require manual monitoring, which saves time and is safe. the completely automated screw oil press has a reasonable shape, lovely appearance and durability. the pressed oil has the characteristics of excellent oil high-quality and purity.

With the assist of mechanical external pressure, the fully automated new screw oil press makes the oil allotted at the internal and outer surfaces of the fabric embryo generate warmth after being pushed by the screw shaft to put off the adsorption force of the material embryo and overflow. this manner of squeezing out the oil is called oil extraction.
the design precept of the absolutely computerized oil press is the most advanced in the world up to now, and it could routinely press and mechanically discharge slag. fully automated screw oil press is divided into primary pressing, secondary pressing and multi-degree urgent in line with the urgent level. in line with the size, there are small, medium and large. the oil press we often say is a small oil press for household use.

BTMA oil mill company

BTMA equipment manufacturing facility has these days evolved a brand new completely computerized rapeseed oil press gadget. the oil press is cautiously developed and synthetic in terms of appearance and generation. the completely computerized rapeseed oil press brings fantastic, advanced , realistic oil filtering system to provide clients with the healthiest oil. the oil filter out machine of the oil press produced by means of btma machinery factory has fast filtering pace and excessive quality of oil filtering, and the oil product meets the countrywide food popular. the oil can be filtered at once after warm pressing, and the filtered oil is saved inside the oil press gadget, and the alternative of the filter material is handy and speedy. and different oil clear out structures are hard to acquire the effect of the automated oil press oil filter out device.

Our btma machinery manufacturing unit has profound production enjoy within the improvement and processing of absolutely automatic new screw oil presses to completed products, which ensures the exceptional and improves the manufacturing technology on the equal time. our oil press can press almost all oil vegetation may be pressed through small oil press.
The screw press gadget is suitable for urgent vegetable oils inclusive of peeled rapeseed, peanut kernel, soybean kernel, olive kernel, walnut kernel, almond kernel and peach kernel. especially peanut oil and sesame oil.

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