The hydraulic almond walnut oil press machine has the characteristics of small size and light weight. The hydraulic press is suitable for mobile processing and can be sold now. In addition, the hydraulic almond oil press machine also has significant advantages such as compact and reasonable design, high degree of automation, high oil yield, and pure oil quality. It is an ideal equipment for opening small oil pressing workshops and oil processing shops.

1. The main components and characteristics of the hydraulic almond oil press machine:

The hydraulic almond oil press is composed of machine base, hydraulic pump station, hydraulic cylinder, column, oil pressing barrel, top, electric control box, hydraulic control valve, high pressure oil pipe and so on. This hydraulic almond oil press adopts high-pressure hydraulic system to realize the whole pressing process, and it is one of the best-selling oil press equipment in the international market at present.

2. Advantages of hydraulic almond oil press machine:

(1) The starting point of design is high: the hydraulic almond oil press is carefully designed, the materials are exquisite, the materials are excellent, and the processing is fine.

(2) Exquisite appearance and good equipment quality: The hydraulic almond oil press machine adopts full electroplating process, and the parts in contact with the oil are designed with stainless steel. The appearance is exquisite, clean and hygienic, and the equipment quality is good and the service life is long.

(3) High degree of automation: The hydraulic almond oil press adopts a fully automated system, automatic temperature control, automatic pressurization, automatic repressurization, automatic shutdown, overpressure protection, electrical protection and other fully automated safety guarantee systems.

(4) High oil yield: The hydraulic almond oil press adopts the principle of hydraulic transmission for pressing. Compared with the old-fashioned oil pressing equipment, the normal oil yield can be 2 to 3 percentage points higher.

(5) Good oil quality: The barrel oil line of the hydraulic almond oil press is processed by high-precision wire cutting technology. The oil line gap is uniform and reasonable, which fully guarantees the control of the purity and impurity of the oil.

(6) Good energy saving: the hydraulic almond oil press is designed with a self-falling hydraulic cylinder. Electricity is used for boosting and working, and the back pressure and pressure relief are automatically reset, saving about 50% of power consumption.

(7) High operating efficiency: The machine adopts a large-displacement hydraulic output design, and the whole process of boosting the pressure is completed in 50 seconds, and the single oil extraction time is 3-5 minutes. 20% faster than similar products.