What is the difference between cold pressing and hot pressing of 6YL-130 flaxseed oil press

6YL-130 Linseed Oil Press

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What is the difference between cold pressing and hot pressing of the 6YL-130 linseed oil press machine?

Do you know the difference between them? Are many people not very clear about it?

The 6YL-130 fully automatic oil press not only reduces the productivity of laborers, and saves the production cost of the oil factory. But also can achieve a multi-purpose machine. It can process a variety of oils. It is possible to set the appropriate pressing temperature for different oils to avoid excessive damage to the protein, trace elements, and other substances in the oil, and to improve the utilization rate of the oil cake.

6YL-130 flaxseed Oil Press Hot Press: Stir-fry the seeds of oil crops and press them, the smell is more fragrant, the color is darker, and the oil yield is higher. Less residue remains in the product.

6YL-130 flaxseed Oil Press Cold Pressing: The cold pressing method is generally carried out under an environment of lower than 60 ℃, and the nutritional components can be preserved. However, the oil yield of the cold-pressing method is relatively low, only half of that of the hot-pressing method, so the price of most cold-pressed oil is about 50% higher than that of hot-pressed oil.

The 6YL-130 oil press machine is characterized by high oil yield, low processing cost, and large profit margins for producers. Do you know the specific differences and contacts between cold-pressed oil and hot-pressed oil? For the health of our diet, it is very important to understand various processing methods.

Do you really understand these?

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