6YL-130 automatic oil press machine produced by BTMA oil plant

6YL-130 automatic oil press machine is a new type of automatic screw oil press machine composed of a press chamber, feeding device, screw assembly, cake correction mechanism, gearbox, and motor. The oil press can adjust the appropriate temperature for different raw materials, has an automatic temperature control system, is easy to operate, and simplifies the complexity of frying. 6YL-130 automatic temperature control, simple operation, small footprint, high oil yield. 6YL-130 automatic oil press has an advanced design, reliable performance, simple operation, and convenient maintenance. It has the characteristics of high oil yield, labor saving, wide application, pure oil quality, and a small footprint.

BTMA–6YL-130 Fully Automatic Oil Press Features

1. Appearance innovation

In the past, small oil press equipment basically adopted a colorless design, and the whole body did not attract customers. The interior has now been returned with a new and innovative design. In addition, the use of color increases the aesthetic feeling and makes the oil-pressing equipment more delicate. And it is more convenient to disassemble and clean.

2. Function innovation

Improve equipment efficiency, adopt the ergonomic design, innovate pressure rod, and the fixed structure between the pressure chamber and the engine is smaller, with faster efficiency and lower failure rate.

3. Material Innovation

Advanced technology also needs to be matched with good materials, and the use of high-quality materials can greatly extend the service life of the equipment. With the improvement of people’s health concept, the future development trend of the new small oil press can be expected. In short, the oil press industry has great potential for development, and we need to work together and develop together.

4. The price of the latest small oil press

According to different factors such as production capacity, configuration, processing raw materials, etc., the price of oil press equipment will vary. However, the price of oil press equipment with excellent quality produced by big-brand oil press manufacturers is usually not lower than Ten thousand yuan.