The price of a peanut oil press with a one-ton output comes from BTMA Company, an exporter of a one-ton peanut oil press machine production line.fragrant peanut oil.

Fragrant peanut oil is a kind of peanut oil, relative to fragrant peanut oil.

To put it bluntly, there are different types of aroma, just like liquor with clear aroma, sauce aroma, and strong aroma.

Multifunctional screw oil press

However, this is very different from oil manufacturing technology.flavored peanut oil belongs to the first-grade peanut oil that is purely physically pressed, and is not refined by refining equipment. While retaining the original flavor, it is also necessary to ensure that the oil meets the standards, which has high requirements for peanut raw materials.
In the early stage, it is necessary to sort the peanut raw materials by size, remove dry kernels, remove moldy kernels, remove dust, remove stones, and magnetically separate.

The next step is to steam and fry at high temperature. To make Luzhou-flavored peanut oil, steaming and frying is a necessary and necessary link, and there is a trick in the process of steaming and frying. This is a passport.
The steamed and fried peanut kernels are sent to the screw oil press and pressed while they are hot. At this time, you get the fragrant peanut oil. The entire pressing workshop is full of strong aroma, which can only be experienced by those who have worked in the pressing workshop.

In order to ensure the original taste of Luzhou-flavored peanut oil, and to meet the national standard requirements of peanut oil, it must go through the last step-cold filtration!
The cold filtration link is an important link to ensure that the fragrant peanut oil meets the national standard, and the technical issues involved here will not be repeated.

Refined oil equipment

Compared with fragrant peanut oil, the production process of fragrant peanut oil is simpler, and the requirements for raw materials are not so strict, because there is a set of refined oil equipment in the production equipment of fragrant peanut oil, which can well deal with phospholipids, acid value, Taste, coloring, etc. peanut oil press machine
So here comes the question, how much does it cost to produce 1 ton of fragrant peanut oil per day?
First of all, we need to know how many peanuts are needed to get 1 ton of peanut oil. The yield of peanuts is calculated according to the number of oil presses.   

Peanut oil yield is still relatively high. The oil yield of 100 catties peanuts is 45%-48%. Let’s conservatively calculate 45% oil yield. One ton of peanut oil requires more than 2223 catties of peanut kernels.
The processing capacity of the 100 type screw oil press machine is 200 kg per hour. For small oil presses, the minimum configuration is two oil presses, one for use and one for capacity expansion. Once there is a problem with one, the other can be used as a backup so as not to affect the production of the entire production line. peanut oil press machine

It costs US$10,000 to process more than 2 tons of peanut kernels per day and obtain a production line of 1 ton of fragrant peanut oil.

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