BTMA-What do you know about the cotton seed oil?

Cotton seed oil is the refined product of cotton seed oil. It can be eaten or made into skin care products.

It is rich in high-quality vitamins, fatty acids and sterols. These ingredients are combined in perfect proportion and complement each other to achieve the unique skin cold oil press machine care hydraulic oil press characteristics of cotton oil. Skin care products containing cotton seed oil have antioxidant and anti-aging effects.

Cotton originated in India and was first planted to obtain cotton fiber. It was introduced into China and Egypt around 500 BC and was not introduced into the United States until 1774. There is a kind of cotton in Peru, which is recorded earlier than the cotton industry in Egypt.

The use of cottonseed oil was also mentioned in ancient Indian works. This plant is shaped like a dwarf shrub and can grow up to 1.5 meters in height. It has yellow flowers and purple hearts. The flower center leads to a sac containing hairy fibers wrapped in cotton seeds. This hairy fiber is the source of cotton fiber.

Cottonseed oil contains a lot of fatty acids needed by human body, in which the content of linoleic acid is as high as 46.7% – 58.2%. It can resist the rise of cholesterol in blood and protect the heart. In daily life, refined cottonseed oil should be selected as the staple food, which plays a good role in health care,


1. Moisturizing and moisturizing can prevent dry skin and water shortage, maintain skin health, promote skin regeneration and limit skin moisture loss

2. Maintain and enhance skin elasticity. Make antioxidant vitamin e more effective in protecting cells from free radical damage

3. Delay aging. Promote metabolism and regulate human hormone level

4. Rich in vitamin E: super antioxidant effect. Every 100g of cotton oil contains 86.45mg vitamin E, which is 26% higher than that of antioxidant star sesame

5. Vitamin F: to a certain extent, it can prevent the harmful effects of X-rays, prevent and treat acne and convert saturated fatty acids.

Cottonseed pretreatment equipment includes a series of equipment such as cleaning equipment (magnetic separator, cleaning sieve and stone removal machine), peeling machine, kernel shell separation sieve, embryo rolling machine, steaming pan and other equipment.

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