BTMA-What are the factors of oil yield of the hydraulic oil press?

With the popularity of hydraulic oil presses., people need to know more about hydraulic oil presses.There are several reasons that affect the oil output rate of the hydraulic oil extractor.

First ,we should consider that the variety and origin of raw material. 

Different varieties and origins of oil materials have different oil content rates, and sometimes the oil yield is affected by climatic conditions.

Then the choice of rolling fry seed machine also plays an important role on during the pressing process.The thickness of the frying pan body should be more than 4-5MM, while ,too thin  material is easy to spontaneous combustion in the pan, the frying time is short, the material is not fully fry and other phenomena,that affecting the oil yield;.

When frying materials, remember that the rolling fry seed machine temperature is low, do not add material, and then put the material after the temperature rises, ensure the temperature is suitable for material.If your frying pan comes with a temperature control function, this will help you solve the problem of controlling the temperature.

Some customers are used to pouring water into the pot before frying material out of the smoke exhaust, generally with hydraulic oil extraction is not recommended to use this method, if the water should be poured according to the amount of frying material appropriate amount of water;.

Each time put material into the frying pan, the quantity should depends on the processing volume of the machine, here is the suggestion that each time the frying material need a one-time pressing, to avoid the temperature dropping which affect the oil output.

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