BTMA-How Much Do You Know cold pressing oil of peanut?

Low temperature cold pressing is a purely physical pressing method. The whole process is carried out at low temperature (35°C) to completely retain the nutrients of the oil. It is completely different from the traditional oil production method (the crude oil is first squeezed out for storage, and then refined into refined oil for tanking).

Different from other high-temperature and high-vacuum deodorization processes, it can remove harmful substances in a pure physical state at low temperatures, fully retaining the unique flavor and nutrients of the oil.

Because the cold-pressed oil rate is very low, there is only a professional difference between low-temperature oil pressing and normal oil pressing. It is generally required that the press conference room must ensure a certain temperature. In order to speed up the process of pressing and squeezing oil, it is necessary to heat and steam the oil. Of course, without steam and frying heating, you can only squeeze the oil slowly. The production of tea seed oil generally adopts the pre-pressing oil extraction method, which is a comprehensive oil extraction method and an efficient method. Today we will take a look at low-temperature cold-pressed peanuts:

What are cold pressed peanuts?

Low-temperature cold-pressed peanut oil is a healthy edible oil comparable to western olive oil. It is more suitable for oriental people in terms of color, taste and taste. Low-temperature cold-pressed peanut oil adopts low-temperature cold-pressing technology to give full play to the characteristics of peanut oil’s color, aroma and taste. Low-temperature cold-pressed peanut oil is made of export-grade large peanuts as raw materials and pressed at 60°C. At the same time, during the production process, the peanut oil produced is of high purity, cool color and golden yellow. Through machine screening, photoelectric color selection and the process of removing the red coat “60℃ cold pressing” technology, the peanut oil completely retains the natural flavor of peanuts. Ingredients, which exudes the original flavor of peanuts. The peanut oil processed by this process has purer quality and better taste. It is soft, delicate, smooth, aromatic and not greasy. Low-temperature cold-pressed peanut oil satisfies the Chinese people’s requirements for color, aroma and taste.

The oily fume emitted by our cooking is the product of a large amount of thermal oxidation and decomposition under high temperature conditions, and contains a variety of chemical substances, volatile nitrosamines and other mutagenic carcinogens. The emergence of low-temperature cold-pressed peanut oil put an end to the production of these substances. In the production process, the international leading “cold pressing technology” is used to squeeze at a temperature below 60°C to ensure the precision of peanut oil. At the same time, the cold pressing process is adopted to ensure that the various active ingredients in the peanuts are in a solidified state from the beginning of pressing, and the thermal denaturation caused by high temperature is reduced. Therefore, its smoke point is close to 240°C, which is much higher than the smoke point of high-temperature pressed peanut oil.

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