BTMA- How to adjust the low oil output rate of the oil press?

In the process of oil extraction, oil mills hope to produce high oil yield and low residue yield; however, oil press equipment sometimes encounters the situation that the same raw material is pressed to produce less oil, more residues or even no oil.

Actually this is caused by the failure of the oil pressing equipment or the wrong operation method of the staff; there are many reasons for this phenomenon, the editor will briefly summarize the reasons and solutions here.

First,raw material problem

1. The moisture of the raw material is too high, and the time for frying the raw material in the wok is too short; solution: check the frying pan and the raw material, and stir fully.

2. For special raw materials such as cottonseed, the hulling or linting is not clean, causing the oil pressing equipment to fail to work smoothly (the raw material is spooled); solution: check and repair the pre-processing equipment, and pre-press the raw material processing.

3. The compressed state and pressure of the pre-pressed raw grain are not up to standard; if the compressed state is correct, the pressing pressure should be slightly greater than the “critical pressure” of the squeezed material. The range is from 9-100MPa, depending on different oil materials.

Second, the problem of the squeezing operation method

1. The pressing chamber temperature is too low, the oil fluidity is poor, and it is not easy to produce oil. Solution: Keep proper temperature according to different oil press (hydraulic oil press or screw oil press); for example, it is better to keep the working temperature of hydraulic oil press at 100-130°c.

2. The pressing time is too short; the pressing time is reasonably determined according to different raw materials and the oil press (screw or hydraulic). Normally, the pressing time and oil yield are high;

Third, oil press adjustment or failure

1. Check whether the oil press is faulty according to the instructions (oil storage in the hopper, wear of parts, etc.); solution: regular maintenance and replacement of worn-out parts in accordance with the instructions in daily use;

2. Uncommon problem; contact the manufacturer to solve the problem;

The above is the solution to the low oil output rate of the oil press introduced by Henan Benteng Machinery, do you know? For more information, please call or leave a message to consult us!

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