BTMA-What are the benefits of three-phase electricity for the oil press?

We are a professional manufacturer of oil press. There are two-phase electricity and three-phase electricity in the oil press equipment we produce.

Two-phase electricity is 220v, which is small, and is generally used for mobile oil extraction. Three-phase electricity which means 380v is suitable for external processing in oil mills or for squeezing and selling oil.

Of course, many users think of starting from a small investment and be a mobile two-phase electric oil press. This idea is quite good. However, the output of two-phase electricity is low, and the profit is also low.

The output of three-phase electricity is high, and the oil output rate is high. Industrial electricity uses 380v electricity, which provides large electric energy and more power. As a product of the machinery industry, oil press equipment uses industrial three-phase electricity. Why use three-phase electricity? What are the benefits of using three-phase electricity for oil press equipment?

The power is large. The three-phase power is 380V alternating current, so the power provided is greater, which can provide greater kinetic energy for the oil press equipment, and greater production power.

With fast efficiency and strong functions of three-phase electricity, the production power of the oil press equipment will increase.

With high quality, the oil press equipment relies on pressing technology. If the power is not enough, it will cause pressing capacity problems, so the pressing effect is not very good, and the oil output rate will not be high.

So is it that two-phase electricity can’t drive the oil press equipment? Not all. Nowadays, there are two-phase oil press equipment. Just pay attention to the rated voltage of the purchased machine when you buy it. Only if it matches can it be The oil press equipment reaches a good production state.

To make oil extraction, we must consider and make profits for users. In order to meet the production of various oils with different yields, the equipment must be advanced, the oil output rate is high, and the oil extraction is clean. Only in this way can people buy the extracted oil, and the business will be better.

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