How to start and shut down an oil press?BTMA


Beginning the Press


Bear in mind that every oil press will have Slightly different requirements for starting and quitting. Steps below will be for one particular sort of press, but should translate nicely to any media with slight alteration.


Ensure the gate allowing oilseed to the Press is closed. This permits the barrel and press lead of the press to be heated without seed present.


Ensure the desired tip diameter is in The press head and set the media head to twist end clearance if a shift is needed. Various clearances can be noted by restricting the number of threads showing or by measuring this space.


Most oilseeds Which Are pressed require The press be warmed to a temperature of ~120 F (60 C). Generally , this is done with heating bands which cover every press head of the media and also a con-troller. Some warmth band controllers thermostatically control the warmth of the warmth band, while other warmth bands are just on or off. Typically ,it takes about 10 minutes for the media head up into the preheat temperature. This can be quantified with a thermometer inserted into a pit in the media head or more simply with a infrared thermometer directed toward the media head.


Start the oil press and Choose the de-sired Drive speed


Once the media head is at the correct Starting temperature open the gate enabling seed to flow to the media. Oil and meal production is not immediate; it may take several minutes to over a minute to begin having oil drip or flow out of oil holes in the barrel. Different oilseeds contain various amounts of oil, or so the oil that is produced may vary from a continuous drip into a continuous flow.


Shutting Down the Oil Press


Close to the gate that allows feed-stock to Stream to the media.


Wait till the meal leak slows drastically Or ceases, and oil no longer stalks out of the barrel.


Shut off the screws. Turn off heaters if They have been used during pressing.


If you want to watch more detailed video,you can go there to have a look.

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Manufacturers propose removing and cleaning The barrels and screws of these presses after shutting down the press. Experience Has shown that if the seed leak into the press is closed off and the press is run Long enough to expel the substance from the media, this might not be necessary. If The press would be to be restart-ed soon (in just a week?) Then leaving the press Without removing the barrel and cleanup is right. The media begins up Again with just the measures out-lined above.

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