Why can’t the screw speed of the oil press be very fast?BTMA


Many oil presses come with a variable speed drive. This might be a variable screw  speed drive, a variable pitch drive, or a different type of drive that enables the pressing screw to be driven at different rates.

Why should we choose a proper speed  of  the screw oil press?

Twist the screw thread (s) faster will put more feedstock during the press in a set amount of time and boost the oil production speed (gallon or liters per hour). This sounds like a wonderful concept, however there are drawbacks to running the system faster. As the screws turn quicker, more substance is moving throughout the press and this provides more time for the oil to migrate and be separated from the meal. Consequently, the slow-er the press is run the greater the extraction rate for oil; the less oil is left from the cake. If cold pressing of the oil is a requirement, a slower speed is often necessary because as screw speed increases, the temperature of the oil and cake moving through the machine also increases. Temperature and efficiency of oil extraction must be balanced against general oil production to choose a screw speed.


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