Which is better to choose hot press or cold press ? BTMA


We all know that there are two methods  when pressing oil,they are  hot press and cold press. However, you cannot simply say which one is good or bad. You must compare them first.




Put the cold press oil into the cold press before pressing, without heating or at low temperatures. The oil extracted by the cold press has a lower temperature and acid value. Usually, it does not require refining. After precipitation and filtration, a product oil is obtained. However, most of the edible vegetable oils in our daily life are hot oil presses, in other words, the oilseeds must be cleaned and crushed before being heated at high temperature, which will cause a series of changes in the oil: destroy the oil cells and promote the oil. Growth. Protein denaturation, reduce oil viscosity, etc., so that it is suitable for hot oil press to extract oil and improve oil extraction rate. Although the original flavor of cold pressed oil is the choice for a healthy life, most oils are not suitable for cold pressing. Take soybean, high erucic acid rapeseed oil, cottonseed, peanut and sesame as examples, the beany taste of soybean oil, the pungent taste of high erucic acid rapeseed oil, the gossypol toxin in cottonseed oil and the aflatoxin in degraded oil must It can be removed after refining. The aroma of sesame oil and aromatic peanut oil can only be obtained by hot pressing. Therefore, cold pressing is healthy, while hot pressing is delicious.




As the name suggests, cold pressing refers to pressing the oil directly into the cold press without heating the oil after sieving. This pressing method is difficult to press clean at a time, and the oil content in the oil cake also exists. Some people need this kind of oil cake, which contains less oil, but is not completely oil-free. The advantage of cold pressing is that the color is lighter. When the oil is pressed, there will be no foaming and no sludge phenomenon. The color is better. The disadvantage is that the smell of oil is not very fragrant, and the pressing needs more than two times.






Hot pressing is just the opposite of cold pressing. Press the oil only after heating. This pressing method is disposable and can be pressed cleanly. The resulting oil cake has almost no oil content. Therefore, the oil cake is a completely de-oiled cake, which can be used to make oil-free raw material cakes. The advantage of hot pressing is that the crushed oil is very fragrant and mellow.

The oil added by hot pressing is more oily than the oil added by cold pressing. However, due to the phenomenon of hot-pressed sludge, it is necessary to pay attention to this when pressing with a hot oil press. When squeezing, we should not eat in a hurry, and cut the material according to the amount of crushed oil.

Therefore, there is no good or bad oil extraction method, which depends entirely on the type of oil extraction and the needs of customers. We choose the appropriate oil extraction method.







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