Do you know how we can operate the screw oil press for a long time.BTMA

The screw oil press is an important tool for us to produce edible oil. How to maximize the service life of the machine during use? The daily maintenance work is indispensable, and when we don’t use it for a period of time and then need to store it.  Do the necessary maintenance and cleaning work before you can make the machine use time as long as possible.

When we use the screw oil press, if the oil is temporarily not available, or if there is a temporary need to store the  oil press for a long time, then we must learn some related maintenance knowledge!

If the  oil press is parked for a long time, the maintenance steps are as follows:

1. Remove the grease on the surface of the  oil press before parking.

2. Thoroughly clean the oil residue of each part of the  oil press.

3. Anti-rust oil shall be applied to the whole screw oil press and the inside if it is parked for more than one month.

4. Theoil press should be stored in a dry place.

5. The squeezing cage of the screw oil press needs to be covered with oil cloth to prevent dust and sundries from entering the gaps between the accumulated strips and the garden rows, affecting the next use.

In order to prolong the service life of the oil press, if the  oil press is suspended for a long time, please clean and maintain it according to the above five points. More information and need ,please contact us,we are the leader of oil press and oil press line.BTMA

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