Some questions you must consider before buying an oil press equipment.BTMA

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1、What materials to squeeze

We must consider what kind of oil crops we squeeze before purchasing oil press equipment. There are many types of oil crops. We often squeeze granular oils such as peanuts, soybeans, rapeseeds, sesame, tea seeds crop. Different oil crops choose different oil press ; for example, we choose a hydraulic oil press to squeeze sesame seeds, and the oil output rate is better than the screw oil press. If we use a hydraulic oil press to squeeze soybeans and peanuts, the oil yield is not as good as a screw oil press. If we use a screw press to squeeze sesame, the oil yield is lower than that of a hydraulic press. Therefore, it is necessary to consider what oil crops to squeeze before we choose the oil press equipment.

2、Workshop area

Before we purchase oil press equipment, we must consider where we are pressing and who our target customer group is. We have to choose a suitable oil press plant according to the volume of the oil press equipment. Do not readjust the workshop area of the oil press workshop after the purchase. So this is also a factor we have to consider.

       3、The use of the oil press

  • Before using the oil press, all auxiliary equipment and containers should be prepared first, and the tightness of the transmission belt should be checked and adjusted.


  • Start the motor and leave the machine idle for about 15 minutes, and check the speed of the screw shaft. The speed of the oil press we buy is generally around 33 rpm. Special attention: When idling, pay attention to the gear meshing and sound in the gear box, and whether the bearing parts and the motor are normal.

4、Selection of complementary products

The selection of  equipment according to their actual needs, how much output is required to buy how much oil press equipment; we also need to see if the operation design is reasonable; whether we use simple and convenient cleaning after use. We also purchase the supporting equipment for oil presses. Steam pans, seed pans, oil filters, etc. are often used.

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