The latest national soybean oil prices on March 23, 2021 BTMA

BTMA machine——the leader of the oil press and oil press line.

According to the China Reporting Hall’s latest national soybean oil price forecast trend monitoring on March 23, 2021, the national average soybean oil price on March 23, 2021 was 9,966.66 yuan/ton, on the same day. The highest price of soybean oil was 9999.99 yuan/ton, and the lowest price of soybean oil was 9949.99 yuan/ton, a difference of about 50 yuan/ton. Yesterday’s average price was 9816.66 yuan/ton, which was 150 yuan/ton higher than yesterday, 1.53% higher than yesterday. Soybean oil prices are on the rise compared to yesterday.


———[China Reporting Hall Soybean Oil Price Latest Market Report]

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